THC Free CBD Oil for Veterans Hero Program Heralded by Military Families

Patriot Supreme, the company behind CannaSafe THC free CBD oil, has been making a splash in the CBD products industry with its Hero Program. ***Learn more about prREACH’s wide range of press release writing and distribution services at https://prreach.com. CONTACT US TODAY at grow@prREACH.com.***

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Welcome to another prREACH.com video news release. In today’s news: THC Free CBD Oil Hero Program Making Positive Contribution to Military Community.

Patriot Supreme, a leading producer of CBD products for veterans, has announced that its Hero Program has launched to great success and acclaim to date. The company is known for providing THC free CBD oil to veterans and non-military members nationwide, with a core mission of improving a range of health issues using American-grown, all-natural, triple-certified CBD products.

The company’s Hero Program allows any purchaser of a Patriot Supreme CBD product to give a free CBD product to a veteran of their choice. According to the company’s founder and Air Force veteran, Justin Elenburg, Patriot Supreme’s Hero Program is designed to give back to veterans, considered everyday heroes, and their health.

All of the company’s products are CannaSafe and GMO-free certified, and the company provides lab test analyses for each of its products. Elenburg says the company wants veterans to know that Patriot Supreme’s products contain no THC, and therefore will not cause failed drug tests. To date, Patriot Supreme has effectively helped hundreds relieve physical and mental pain, including back injuries, PTSD and anxiety.

Those interested in more information about Patriot Supreme’s Hero Program can visit the company’s official website. To learn more about this video news release, visit prREACH.com.


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