Part 3/4: How to Fix Broken Atmos Heating Coil Not Working – Atmos Raw Rx Heating Chamber Repair

FYI, if you can’t fix it, we now offer heating chambers for only $12.99! Yep. Another #Atmos heating coil repair tutorial. Better camera angle this time, so hopefully you can see everything that’s going on. While I can’t guarantee a 100% fix, this video incorporates all the tricks I’ve learned that have helped me fix numerous old chambers for others. Make sure to power your pen for the full 10 seconds, too. Sometimes after fixing a broken coil, they will take a couple seconds longer to heat up. You can also try pressing the paper clip down inside Connecting Piece 1 or 2 and wiggling around slightly to adjust the contact point with the coil. It just takes time, practice, and a bit of trial and error. #Atmos #Repair



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