Sour Diesel Strain Review by VapeMeds THC and CBD Oil Cartridges

Sour Diesel Cannabis Oil Strain Review

The VapeMeds offering of Sour Diesel cannabis oil is the cross between the parent strains Super-Skunk/Skunk #1, Northern Lights, and Chemdawg ‘91. Also known by the names “Sour Deez” or “Sour D”, this one has sired multiple other popular strains.

One of the most popular medicinal strains across the United States. This patient’s-choice strain contains significant amounts of several different cannabinoids allowing for versatile therapeutic benefits.

The Basics Of Sour Diesel

This one is almost all Sativa in terms of its primary cannabis varieties. A more accurate breakdown is 90% Sativa with Indica of 10%. While this is almost pure, the Indica medicinal benefits are still there, just subtly interlaced.

Cannabinoid active ingredient contents are made up of a varied mix of THC, CBD, and the rarer CBN. THC content weighs in at the potent level with an average between 17% and 26%. The CBN content of 4% and CBD Content of 2% both add tremendously to the unique yet subtle relaxation abilities of this strain.

Sour Diesel’s vapor taste is much better than its smoke and much smoother too. There is still the vaguely skunky flavor with notes of citrus and, of course, the signature sour. On the exhale, a chemically tang gives way to a menthol-lime with notes of spices. This lingering after-taste is also accompanied by a pungent odor that carries a surprisingly long way meaning it could be difficult to remain discreet.

Quick Mood Lifter For A Relaxing Morning or Afternoon

The first effects set in rapidly with an uplift in mood that presents itself with a pleasant warmth. This cerebral effect also imparts a euphoric sense that helps with the effects of stress and anxiety. Even PTSD sufferers will be surprised by this strain’s notable ability to stimulate synaptic activity in the brain and allow for creative thinking in terms of how they can better interact with those around them.

As these medicinal effects progress, the CBD and CBN create synergistic effects with the THC for relaxing relief from a variety of physical ailments including chronic pain, inflammation, and even headaches. Those seeking treatment for their Bi-Polar disorder will find they are able to slow down and unplug. Because this strain is so invigorating though, you needn’t have any concern of getting stuck to the couch or otherwise weighed down.

Because of its energizing properties, this strain is not recommended for later in the evening. The effects have been known to peak quickly in some which is good for those who are also looking for a quick way to stimulate their appetite.

A Well-Rounded Helper For Tens Of Thousands
With a unique blend of active cannabinoids, the effects are versatile and able to assist with a variety of more cerebral issues along with some physical ones. That it contains such a wide spectrum of cannabinoids helps to explain the well-rounded therapeutic effects that so many have come to love about this potent happiness helper. One of the most popular medicinal strains currently available in the U.S., Sour Diesel is the daily go-to for thousands of sufferers seeking its relief on a regular basis.


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