Dravet Syndrome: Barry & Joy Lambert – How CBD Oil Changed our Grandaughter's Life – Endoca.com

“There is a lot of anecdotal evidence around the world for the benefits of CBD for kids with seizures but there also possible benefits for a whole range of diseases and that’s what the research is aimed at, not just epilepsy’ says Barry. ‘So hopefully before long we’ll hear how cannabinoids from medical cannabis can assist a range of medical conditions’.

One year on since the launch of the initiative, Barry knows that the family’s donation could be a game changer in both the development of cannabinoid based medicine and the plant’s legal status.

‘I think there’s a lot riding on this Sydney University research. And hopefully the scientists will prove what companies like Endoca know and believe to be true beyond doubt. I think the cannabis plant will be proven to be the wonder plant of this century. I know it’s been around for previous centuries, but I think scientists will discover what a wonderful plant it is and it will be of great benefit to mankind’.

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