BEST Cheap Dry Herb Vaporizers – 9 Weed Vapes under $150

In this mega dry herb vape sesh, I demo and review the 9 best cheap dry herb vapes. These vapes are cheap on the price and high in value. No junk here. Just great budget vapes!
FULL GUIDE: https://420vapezone.com/best-budget-vapes/
Vape Links:
VapCap M: https://420vapezone.com/go/puffitup-vapcap/
Healthy Rips Fury 2: https://420vapezone.com/go/hr-fury-2/
Flowermate V5s: https://420vapezone.com/go/flowermate-v5-0s/
Xvape Starry: https://420vapezone.com/go/potv-starry/
Boundless CF: https://420vapezone.com/go/puffitup/
Flowermate NANO: https://420vapezone.com/go/potv-flowermate-nano/
Xvape FOG: https://420vapezone.com/go/puffitup-fog/
Pax 2: https://420vapezone.com/go/pax-2-2/

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