Snorelase Auckland NZ Helped David Stop Snoring – This Is His Testimonial

David shares how he stopped snoring in 4 x 30 minutes sessions at the Laser LifeCARE™ Institute in Auckland New Zealand. Results vary dependant on each persons situation so apply for a complimentary phone session to ascertain if you would be right for this treatment at https://snorelase.co.nz/stop-snoring-… – David shares his personal story with CPAP and Cardiac arrest as well as his health, breathing and snoring improvements after Snorelase (Nightlase to reduce snoring) with Dr. Hisham Abdalla, one of Auckland New Zealand’s top dentists.


In this video, David was keen to quit snoring and he explains his reasons for seeking a SnoreLase treatment with Dr. Hisham Abdalla at the Laser LifeCARE™ Institute in Auckland.

David had a cardiac arrest at age 50, and not only had he been experiencing sleep apnoea, but snoring was a factor that had led to his heart attack.

David wanted to stop snoring to ease pressure on his heart and avoid a second life threatening heart attack.
David reports that the SnoreLase technology, which is a breakthrough anti snoring laser treatment performed in the dental chair, was a little uncomfortable at times but not painful. Like all the people who come into the clinic in the Auckland CBD to receive a SnoreLase treatment with the Nightwalker “NightLase” system, he could go off and eat straightaway after each of his stop snoring treatments, each of which lasted about ½ hour. 
David found the treatment to be far more comfortable than the CPAP machine he and many people with sleep apnoea are forced to use. The CPAP machine also creates challenges to intimacy, and makes it hard for the snorer to turn over in bed, or sleep on their side or stomach.
After four sessions with Nightwalker NightLase technology, David’s snoring levels were dramatically reduced. Not only that, but he needs less sleep now.

He reports that he feels fantastic, and his levels of energy have increased.

He attributes this to his reduced snoring and improved quality of sleep without the need for more anti-snoring devices, surgery or cutting and he especially liked that he was able to monitor his own results with the SnoreLab app which is available at the AppStore.
After trying many of the stop snoring devices available in New Zealand, the results of the SnoreLase treatment to stop his snoring without any stop snoring aids have been, in his word, ‘spectacular’.

Frequently Asked Snoring Questions and The Cold Hard Facts About Snoring!

* What Causes Snoring? Snoring is a breathing obstruction that your body has to overcome to keep you alive

* Is snoring dangerous? Research shows serious snoring by itself dramatically increases your risk of brain stroke *1

* Snoring with sleep apnoea can be fatal if not managed properly.

* Snoring is embarrassing in public (like on planes) and impedes your private intimate life with your partner!

* Does snoring impede my performance during the day? Yes, poor sleep decreases your ability to focus for any length of time, impairs your performance & worst of all decreases your libido!

* My snoring seems to make me cranky? Sleep deprivation can lead to increased irritability, mood swings & depression.

* SNORING IS DANGEROUS … 82 % of males and 93% of females with moderate to severe sleep apnoea are walking around undiagnosed *2

Snoring Research Attribution

*1 – Heavy Snoring as a Cause of Carotid Artery Atherosclerosis
Sharon Lee, Terence Amis, PhD, et al.


*2 – 82% Males and 93% Females with moderate to severe sleep apnoea are undiagnosed90% Males and 98% of Females with less severe sleep apnoea are undiagnosed

Young et al. , 1997 Sleep : Estimation of the clinically diagnosed proportion of sleep apnea syndrome in middle aged men and women

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