HIGH TIMES Medical Marijuana – Winter 2011 – 2012

With state and local medical cannabis laws under attack by the federal government, the latest issue of HIGH TIMES Medical Marijuana investigates the various ways dispensaries, growers and patients can fight back to protect their rights, while securing their own supply of the highest grade marijuana in the world.

Also, an eye-opening report on the latest studies showing that cannabis works to combat cancer, an investigation of the pharmaceutical industry’s interest in controlling medical pot for their own profit, a look at the award winning indicas, sativas, concentrates and edibles from our latest Medical Cannabis Cup, a journey in search of CBD-rich strains, and an exclusive interview with longtime activist Montel William, who has recently signed on as a consultant at a brand new medical marijuana facility in California.

Plus, an insider’s look at lab testing cannabis, columns from leaders of the medical marijuana movement, and regional news near you…. Not to mention a Mr. Nice centerfold that shows you exactly what we’re fighting for!

All in the all new issue of HIGH TIMES Medical Marijuana magazine, available at finer bookstores, or ask for it wherever HIGH TIMES is sold!


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