Exactly How Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells. EXACTLY How. (Not "How THC Cures Cancer")

I’ll explain how cannabis (THC) tetrahydrocannabinol kills cancer cells. It doesn’t work as well on slow-dividing cells, but works quite well on the softer, smaller and more rapidly growing cancers (glial, pancreatic). Especially in areas where surgery is poorly considered. Not held out as a ”cure’ although there’s a lot of clinical stuff saying it has been in some cases – but as an adjunct to ANY cancer therapy, consider the positive effects on appetite, nausea, cancer cell survival times, and pain relief as well as reduction in anxiety.
|Comments closed. Youtube has accumulated the most ignorant group of commentators I have run across. After the initial burst of caring, thoughtful responses, the comments have degenerated into a bunch of closed-minded, ignorant, ill-informed bursts of evident self-loathing spatter they’d direct at their own lives if Youtube wasn’t there to allow it to be directed outward onto other people.|
Haters gotta hate. Some hate the video because cancer killed Bob Marley, while he was a substantial THC user. And some folks had marijuana smoking friends who died of cancer. The video isn’t about THC curing cancer. Critical difference between what the viewers THINK versus what they READ in the title. It only explains how the THC kills cancer cells. What’s happening metabolically. (Apoptosis)
So there are 270+ Comments let me address them. I don’t do this for a living so you’ll have to get over the production, creepy CGI guy. I didn’t have time nor interest to stand in front of a green screen and do multiple ‘takes’ so I just give people a creepy CGI guy to look at.
I’m not holding out THC as a cure for cancer. The video is entitled HOW CANNABIS KILLS CANCER CELLS. Because people didn’t understand how “ceramide apoptosis” happens. Or what it is. Or how beautiful it is, compared to “scorched-earth-chemotherapy”
People want literature cited. Okay:
See also: https://eriks.net/potbook (Not my copyright – all authors cited)
Google search: “ceramide apoptosis cannabinoids antitumor” and you’re up to your gills in the quality research that conspiracy-theorists think is squelched.
CBD is an important component in the anticancer effect of cannabinoids! …but by itself, is poor at many things. CBD sells well, but is riding the coat tails of actual THC studies and effects. I happen to know an accountant at Diamond CBD and she says CBD is “the greatest placebo effect since magnet therapy”. I didn’t originate the statement. I’m sharing it. And that does not imply that I don’t relax with CBD in a vape. It works for that. CBD is also CRUCIAL in fairly specific ratios, when used in the most successful antitumor mixes that reportedly help in cancer cases. But a lot of other stuff is over-promised.
I am also worried that by the time THC becomes legal for pets and people, folks will be turned off by tepid results with CBD.
To the comments that “My Relative Died Despite THC Therapy”: My answer: Yes, so did mine. The video doesn’t talk about how THC Cures Cancer. People still die.
Smoking THC is not the preferred way to get the best of THC’s effects. Smoking a lot of pot isn’t keeping pot smokers from getting cancer. There’s ‘delivery system’ – cancer type – predisposing factors – self care – THC:CBD ratios – stage when diagnosed – and a thousand other variables.
THC Isn’t a cure for cancer, except when it happens to be a cure for the cancer a patient has, and every case is different. (There’s good research on pancreatic cancer and glial cell cancers to name a couple). But that’s not the point of this video.
To people who assert that cannabinoids don’t kill cancer cells. To each his own. You can choose to not-believe in gravity, or atoms. Too. I’m not judging because I don’t care what you believe. This video is a “one way street” with my presenting it and I’m explaining something, not convincing anyone of something. And ya’lls comments are variably *helpful* to other people, or reveal considerable ass-hattery and I don’t care. In the same breath, thank you for people’s comments that may somehow unite the hurting-people who are battling something, needing something, or hoping for something.
It doesn’t matter if I’m a doctor, (I am) as long as I accurately simplified the function of THC ceramide apoptosis in terms regular people can understand, so they can properly bitch out their congressman as to how and *exactly* why this modality of care for cancer patients needs to be released to the public.


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