Why are Seniors turning to CBD Oil for inflammation, healing and feeling better?

Hi Friend, Many seniors and older adults are turning toward natural alternatives to help with sleep, pain and stiffness. In this episode, we talk to Kerrigan Behrens, the Co-Founder of Sagely Naturals, a company focused on bring CBD products to the marketplace for older adults. CBD products are new to the market, so I get a chance to ask Kerrigan many questions, that you or your loved one may have. Here are a few of the questions I asked: Why are seniors turning to CBD oil? What forms does CBD come in and what’s the difference? Is CBD oil legal for seniors to use? Does CBD oil have side effects? CBD oil shopping tips–what to look out for Where to Find Sagely Naturals Website: www.sagelynaturals.com Instagram: @sagelynaturals Facebook: facebook.com/sagelynaturals To Your Best Life, Amie Clark Editor of The Senior List


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