Off Grid Living in Piha | RV Living NZ | Winging It NZ | Episode 6

This weekend we visited the rugged west coast beach, Piha. Our dog Dandy had fun on the beach and Nick tells you what he really thinks of our magic bus. We also got to enjoy the sunset.

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Music is a tune dedicated to the precious water on this planet. Bassline from Trinity Roots.

Mai i te moana ki a ranginui e (from the ocean to the sky father)
heke ki a papatuanuku (down to the earth mother)
ki nga maunga ano (to the mountains again)
e rere wai rere e (flow water flow)
mai i te awa ki te moana e (from the river to the ocean)
ka piki ake ano (it rises again)
water goes around, around around again
water, wash over me

Wai – Water – wash over me (2017 version) by 1Looper-1Shot-1Love-Album is licensed under a Creative Commons License.


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