CBD For Dogs – CBD Dog Treats Now Available Online at Canna World Market

CBD For Dogs now available at https://cannaworldmarket.com/product-category/pets/

A few things you should know about CBD dog treats:

1. The dog treats we offer contain CBD, but not THC, so they won’t make your dog “high” and that’s very important.

2. CBD dog treats reduce anxiety

If your dog suffers from anxiety from weather, separation, etc., CBD dog treats have been extensively studied for its affect on dogs and other pets.

3. CBD oil may help epilepsy and seizures in dogs

Strong drugs that are often prescribed by veterinarians for such conditions can be harmful to your dog’s liver and other organs. While these medications may be helpful to some dogs to help control seizures, CBD may be a safe and more effective choice.

CBD has been found safe for both humans and pets, and has contributed to the reduction of seizure frequency in children by 84% in recent studies.

Shop for CBD Dog Treats online now at: https://cannaworldmarket.com/product-category/pets/


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