Dabs That Don't Get You High!? CBD Dabs & Edibles!

Hi guys! I wanted to bring you a sort of part 2 to the first CBD video I uploaded about 2 months ago. If you missed that one, heres the link:

That video discusses a bit more about what CBD actually is. In this one, i wanted to show you guys some more of the products I’ve been using in my routine. The 20:1 CBD:THC tincture I’ve been using has been wonderful, plus I like it a lot more than the tincture I showed you in the last CBD video. I’m super happy more CBD edibles are coming out in Canada simply because I don’t like swallowing pills! I would much rather get my edible from a gummy than a capsule. And man, the 99.9% CBD isolate has been amazing. I use it so often, and yet its lasted me a long time! I love the instant relief from CBD.

Let me know if you guys have tried any products similar to these, or which one you’d like to try out most!

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