How-To: Infusing with CBD

Think I said, “Simple,” enough times? It really is, though! Here’s a very basic and simple guide to explain how you can infuse your own goods with CBD Isolate (or in my case, full spectrum slabs). One thing I forgot to mention is that since I have a Full Spectrum Slab, the 250mg I infused is not all CBD. So, its not 250mg of CBD, its 250mg of total cannabinoids.

When crushing up something like the slab, its probably better if you have something like a mortar and pestle. With the wax paper, you could see that some of the slab stuck to the wax paper and was difficult to remove.

KEEP THESE CHOCOLATE BARS IN A COOL PLACE, PREFERABLY THE FRIDGE. They WILL soften and melt. We didn’t temper the chocolate.

Things to note:
1. CBD is Fat-Soluble
2. Isolate is basically PURE CBD. Usually around 99.9+% CBD.
3. Terpsolate is Isolate with added terpenes
4. Full Spectrum means the product contains all the naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes, possibly even THC
5. Generally, with isolate, 1.0g=1000mg, and 0.5g=500mg.
6. The powder form of isolate will be much easier to dissolve and divide out.

The products shown are from Phytodabs, and are hemp-derived.

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